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- First Nations Artist/Designer

Alicia was born and raised in Victoria, BC, Canada. She is origianlly from Nuu-Chah-Nulth ( Ahousaht ) and Kwakwaka'wakw ( Alert Bay ) Nations, both on the West Coast of Vancouver Island. She has been living in Vancouver for the past 20 years. 


 Alicia has been a First Nations artist since child hood. In elementary school was when she was first introduced into First Nations Art by her teacher. It was an instant passion and she was a natural at it. She loved it and gained many art awards through out school. During high school she began learning different forms of cultural art: carving, beading, drum making. She also began modelling for Indigenous Fashion Designers. After experiencing the fashion shows, she always had a vision of featuring First Nation Art on more modern clothing and everyday wear. This vision was always in the back of her mind. 

Through out her 20's and 30's Alicia worked odd jobs and still continued to sketch on paper when she had free time (Never once imagining a career in Art) In 2012, she was in between jobs and had some free time. So, she decided to start sketching.. painting.. drawing. Eventually, started drawing on her own shoes with a sharpie. When she posted these to her facebook page, everyone wanted to purchase and it became popular. She kept creating and soon opened her own selling platform on facebook " Alicia's Ink ".

Over the past 8 years, Alicia became a full time artist and has sold over 1,500 of her one of a kind pieces and has shipped all over North America. Her pieces include: Boots, High Heels, Runners, Purses, Wallets, Belts, Jackets & Earrings. All her pieces are hand painted with leather paint and a coating of varnish. Each has its own different design, color and placement. She has also branched out into printed dresses and clothing items. 

" I try not to have my art manufactured because I believe each piece should be  one of a kind and original , like a wall hanging, but one that you can wear. "   - Alicia.s

In 2018, Alicia was invited to showcase her art on the fashion runway at New York Fashion Week. The fashion show aired in September 2019 in Manhattan, New York. Her collection was called " Resilience " and portrayed a strong look dedicated to survivors and non-survivors of the Residential School System.  

Alicia continues to paint and design everyday and showcases her work on social media. Her goal: " To have First Nations Art in main stream media and show everyone that we are not just in the history books but.. here today and rising "  


First Nations Artist/Designer

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