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New York Fashion Week SS20

by Oxford Fashion Studio: 

Oxford fashion studio RS20 0390.jpg

Collection: " Resilience " 

- Alicia created a collection " Resilience " to depict a strong standing woman. Each look had a hand made large accessory piece with hand painted First Nations art. She wanted to create something that was beyond fabric wearing items and that was non-traditional First Nations wear. Each piece was molded out of a plastic material and painted art on top. Instead of tassels she choose to use metal chains and metal clasps to add to the strong look.

- This line was dedicated to the survivors and non-survivors of residential school. Alicia's mother and grandmother both attended residential school and she  understands the affects and the cycle that came out of this school system. Alicia was raised by strong woman who each took a step out of this vicious cycle and dedicates her life on creating change for the future of First Nations people. Alicia is a mother of 3 and has dedicated her life in creating  a positive role model for her children. She has overcame alcohol addiction and has been sober for 8 years. She continues to strive and push herself to reach goals to and hopefully create inspiration for other artists.

Oxford fashion studio RS20 0363_edited.p
Oxford fashion studio RS20 0346_edited.p
Oxford fashion studio RS20 0328_edited.p
Oxford fashion studio RS20 0268_edited.p
Oxford fashion studio RS20 0289_edited.p
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